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tv   Pulse of America  MSNBC  December 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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press." >> you can see more end game in post game sponsored by boeing, on the "meet the press" facebook page. hello,'m richard lui and a very good sunday to you. welcome to "pulse of america" right here on msnbc where your voice can be heard in real time. these are the stories that we want to get your pulse on today. the chinese state media saying that donald trump's phone call with the president of taiwan exposes a trump team with a different take on the foreign affairs, and was accepting the call a shrewd move or mistake? a ballot recount is underway
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in wisconsin and jill stein says she will take her recount for pennsylvania to supreme court, and donald trump saying it is a big waste of money. and the president-elect tweets out a major economic proposal slapping big tariffs on companies that move their operation s s to other countrie and will it help american companies and at what price? and now, news out of oakland where the massive fire has killed 24 people. that number is expected to rise. we are hearing from survivors who tried to help others get out. >> he said that you have to help me, help me, help me, bobby. i had broken my ankle and i can't move and you have to pull me out. so i grabbed him by the wrist and as i was pulling him, there was a all of the construction in the way, and i could literally feel my skin like melting away.
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i could i had to leave him. >> steve patterson is in oakland, california, at a site near the fire. at this process, the process of recovering the remains of loved ones, where are we at? >> well, richard, right off of the bashgts i don't want to mince words, but this is going to take a long time, and this is excruciating painstaking process that starts with the recovery effort and the phase we have been in for the last 12 hours, and break down the numbers. in the last 12 hours, they have searched 20% of the facility which is 1/5 of the entirety of that warehouse. within that period, the time period and the space, they have found 24 bodies. now i just spoke to sergeant kelly with the alameda county sheriff's department, and he mentioned that the number has already increased, and so in the next news briefing, we will hear of a another number of victims
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that has gone up, but this process is extremely slow. it is guys with buckets taking the debris, and tossing it out to the lot adjacent to the building and then taking the big es ka vators in there and bailing the debris out. if you zoom back out, you will realize that we are only in one phase of this. and this is the recovery phase, and then you have to notify the families and identify and find the bodies and start the investigation phase. the atf is working side by side with the agencies, but they don't get in there to do the real work they need to do until the recovery phase is wrapped up. we have a long way to gone this, richard. >> a long way to go. and what are the families being told? >> right now sh, it is really tough. the major and parts of the police department have been meeting periodically with the families. they have been directed to the hotline that has been established here. but basically they said, look, the if your family member is missing, it is going to take some time before we can comb
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through the entirety of the warehouse, and find an answer for you, and this is obviously going to be an excruciating thing to hear if your family member is waiting to hear something, and this is going to take again an incredible amount of time based on the numbers that we have right now, richard. >> we expect to hear again from leaders there in oakland, california, at about 5:00 p.m. eastern and 2:00 pacific, and steve patterson is going to be there and we will follow up next hour to see how things are going with so many hearts that are heavy right now. thank you so much, steve. later, by the way, we will be joined by the investigative reporter for more on the history of the warehouse, and the potential liability issues going forward. stick around for that. an turning to politic, and the first pulse question of the day. to take part, first off, grab your phone, the laptop, and logon to
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that is where you can participate by selecting your response to the questions the that we are going to be asking this hour, and a reminder that if you want, you can vote as often as you like throughout the show today, and be good about it. >> and the first question involves donald trump, and we have learned that he has expanded the search for secretary of state, and a role more critical today after the president-elect's phone call with the taiwan's newly elected leader, sending some shock waves through the diplomatic world in the united states and abroad. the vice president elect pence tried to downplay the significance of the call on "nbc's meet the press." >> chuck, it was a courtesy call, and the democratically elected president of taiwan called to congratulate the president-elect, and as a gracious man -- >> nothing new should be read into it? >> well, i, i don't think so. >> here's the pulse question on that topic. should donald trump have
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accepted the phone call from taiwan's president? should donald trump have accepted the phone call from taiwan's president? you can vote on, that and nbc's kelly o'donnell is joining us right now as all of the folks are at the moment, kelly, vo votinging along. and tell us where we are at in the process? >> well, richard, first, i' reacting to the fact that we are still voting with the poll question, and it is good to have the people participate, but it is echos of the election day. >> certainly. >> we hope that people do p participate, and this is what is interesting about the call stands at the moment. what people on sort of on the surface level first blush might see is mike pence saying it is a courtesy call and maybe that is their view, but what people in the diplomatic circles see is that these kinds of the gestures, the phone call, the type of meeting, the location of a meeting, the nature of the ceremonies surrounding the visits, all of those things are used to convey important messages, diplomatically, and it is sort of the dressing around
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diplomacy that is not in the hot contentious kind of the enemy countries going against each other, and when you have these sort of relationships, and all of the details are measured, and measured in ways that are interpreted around the world in the diplomatic circles, and other countries and so forth, and so a phone call may in fact be a courtesy call in someone's view, but for many other people in the professional circles, it is seen quite different lishg and china has certainly had a different view, and that is why it has last ad few days as an uproar. john kerry, the secretary of state has indicated today that the department of state and all of the career profession aals there are available to the trump team to get some additional guide the answer on the issues and to not sort of step on the trouble spots, and they are make it available, but secretary of state kerry saying that the trump team has not reached tout avail themselves of that coun l
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counsel. so it tells you why the feathers were ruffled. >> and being on the hill for so many years, you know that it is protocol, protocol, protocol and things may be changing when we talk about that word. >> and talking about the trump preparation, and to make it happen, there is a new name that has been floated right now in terms of who could be secretary of state, and that nomination coming from president-elect t m trump. >> the highest profile vacancy in the cabinet world for donald trump is one that there has been so much jockeying for the position, and giuliani has interviewed more than once, and the former cia director general david petraeus has been to trump tower more than once, and also congressman bob koscorker.
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and also, jon huntsman jr. who ran for president in 2008 also served as ambassador the to china for barack obama. so he has world experience, and he has gubernatorial experience and also in the never-trump crowd, and that camp in the campaign season of a fierce critic of donald trump, and he is another high profile person brought in for the consideration of the secretary of state position. >> and vis-a-vis, the topic that somebody who knows china could be seen as pro-china as well. so a lot of things overlapping one another. nbc's kelly o'donnell, appreciate that, and thank you for stopping by. for more of what to expect from the president-elect's foreign affairs policy gordon change we saw the vice president elect try to walk back the comments made and the phone call, but in these spaces, the idea of walking back does not really exist. >> no, it doesn't. once you have the phone call, and the read out which said the
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president of taiwan, those words matter. talking about protocol, trump did recognized them as a sovereign state, and that is en nath ma to beijing. >> you think it is intentional? >> yes, steven yates is in ch china, and he is a clear voice, and the president of taiwan is methodical and cautious, and she won't be placing a phone call that is rejected because it would be political suicide for her in taiwan, and so clearly, arrangements were made, but once you have a methodical policy in place, you walk it back and then you show incoherence, and the chinese will see it as weakness
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and they will pounce on donald trump. >> give me the thermometer or the barometer meter coming out of china so far is critical and the leaders more measured. >> yes, the the protest filed yesterday by the foreign ministry was measured. what they trying to do is to give donald trump a little bit of room to walk himself back basically not to humiliate him. and this is sort of an idea that they think that maybe they can turn him around, and if they can turn him around, they have won, so what they are trying to do is to be subtle. we will see how trump reacts in the coming days. >> back channel, protocol, words that we are used to hearing in the old days if you will or the established process. is that now go ing to be change as we were talking about with kelly o'donnell and the way things will be done? >> yes, lit change, because you have a whole new group of people coming in, and not just steven yates. >> but how much? >> well, you will see in the beginning months of the trump administration a a 180-degree change because of the people he
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going to going to be bringing in, and that is subject the secretary of state, but if you get bolton, you could see a big change with china. >> do you see the relationship of the united states and china getting bet ter as a sort of th rhetorical question that we have talked about so far? >> no, i don't believe so, because the interest of the united states and the international community on one side and china on the other are diametrically opposed and i see this as worse, and therefore you will have a changing opinion not just of the trump people, but in the republican con stich wstitud across the republican spectrum, and this is something that chinese are going to drive, and they are going to push the united states in directions that we don't want to go. that may well mean that we will see not just trump, but others moving in other directions. >> and that may not be coming to pas pass, because united states and china are tied at the hip economically, and we will talk
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about those are repercussions here later in the afternoon. thank you. >> so the first poll question, should donald trump have accepted the phone call from president of taiwan? go to vote on and the trump's capacity to fill the secretary of state position, and how will he do that? here you go.picking up f
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okay. this is an extremely dangerous world and pakistan sin creasingly unstable. >> should i call them? >> no. >> and north korea is still doing nuclear tests. >> should i text them? >> no. >> should i have ivanka send them some shoes?
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>> maybe. >> "saturday night live" take on what is going on inside of the trump tower with a couple of chuckles. today, president-elect trump is not expected to take some transitional meetings, but newt gingrich is comparing the search for secretary of state to a certain show. >> are there is a sense of allowed to have an opinion and this is like the "apprentice" and when we get to the decision, we are on the same page, but until the decision is made, it is a fair conversation. >> joining us is a strategist and fund-raiser, and also joining us is ann guerin. and noel, is this really like the apprentice, and should it be like the apprentice? >> well, it is like a campaign within itself. it is very interesting what is going on and how it has been on display, and they are entering in trump tower one after another and the media is going crazy trying to predict what is going
12:18 pm
on in the meetings, and i do think -- excuse me -- that newt gingrich is on to something, and it is a little bit of hype. but we have to realize that this is a very, very important position. it would be great if it were a position that was filled that made people less fearful of how trump is going be governing glowle ballglow glowle -- globally. >> and stand by, noel and anne, and i want to go to oakland, california w a breaking story that we have been covering, and leaders are coming to the microphone. let's listen in. >> the sheriff's office, and captain melanie ditzenberger is here, and she would like to share to the community valuable information and also an update from sergeant kelly. we will answer a few questions, but we won't go into a lot, because we will have a 2:00 media availability, and press conference, and so we will be briefed, and we want to uptate you with the information.
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>> good afternoon. proactively to eliminate future delays, the ale mee da sheriff's office kcoroner's bureau would like to ask the loved ones of the missing to provide sources of dna whether it is hair brushes or combs or toothbrushes and we ask they be placed in a secure, clean, paper sack. do not send them to the coroner's bureau, and we will ask for them as we need them. as of 11:30 this afternoon, or this morning, the count of victims has reached 30. thank you. >> hold on one second, please. sergeant, come on in. >> and so as you can hear behind us there is a lot of work going on.
12:20 pm
like the captain said, we have confirmed the count of deceased at 30. that is an astronomical number. we are still not done. as you can hear behind me, they are working and pulling this building apart, and dissecting it, and so we are really starting to get deeper into the building. as we do that, we continue the find more victims, and so, we will confirm at this time that we have 30 victims. and we are still continuing the identity process, and as the captain asked, we ask those families if they could preserve any evidence for the dna purposes so that in the future, should we need those pieces of evidence to cross reference, and it is a terrible thing to say and do here, but that is what we
12:21 pm
are left to deal with here. >> i understand that you will have many questions, and we will be back at 2:00, and have a press conference at 2:00, and we will also one more time ask if anyone is not on the press list, please provide your information to myself and i will add this to the press because we want to get it out to the communities and the media channels, because not all families from the bay ae yaer or the state. some from outside of the country, and we want to make sure that the information reaches them. thank you very much for your patience, and we will see you at 2:00. >> all right. we heard the latest update and unfounate and horrific update for so many families as well as those in the neighborhood. the number has increased from what is earlier nine victims now up to 30. and as we were getting the information earlier today, they have only made it through 20% of the warehouse, and they are stressing at this moment, please save those items that may have
12:22 pm
some sort of sample of dna, toothbrushes, hair brushes and items like that. and again, the breaking news right now, the death toll right now is 30. we will have more on this in the next 30 minutes right here on msnbc as we go back to oakland. stay with us for that. for now, a short break. coaching means making tough choices.
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welcome back to msnbc this hour. i'd like to welcome back the guests, ann guerin political correspondent, and from the washington post covering secretary clinton's time ther and also, a professional fund-raiser, and so should donald trump have accepted that phone call from taiwan's precedent and anne guerin i would love to get your perspective, the idea of protocol, and the idea of how things should be, and the way things happened and the response to the call, and ho do you think
12:26 pm
that the halls of the state department reacted to that? >> well, there is certainly, that you can tell how the halls of the state department reacted and also how the wider diplomatic, and foreign policy establishment community in washington has reacted which is basically a medium temperature freakout, and that is because of two main reasons, and one is that this is a breech of the accepted protocol and practice for nearly 40 years that has wide significance even if the trump team says it was simply a pro forma congratulatory call, and obvious provocation to china and whether or not there was discussion of china and whether there was discussion of the u.s. as one policy with china in the call and on and on, and symbolically, it is a big stick prodding china.
12:27 pm
and appears to be to have at least in some quarters to have been intended as such. and so -- go ahead. >> thank you. and anne, one of the questions i wanted to ask you, because maybe you heard gordon chang that perhaps based on the progress when we are looking at the foreign aftfairs and international policy, things have not moved along expeditiousl expeditiously, and is there a need for some type of the shock to the system, and this may not be it, but the idea of it might not be completely out of place right now? >> well, certainly, i mean, donald trump was elected to shake things up. that is a clear part of the message his voters intended. i don't believe a lot of them appeared to have been thinking specifically of china when they made that choice, but it is a piece. doing something that this is out of the ordinary, and it is of a piece with trump's general approach to not abiding by the
12:28 pm
strict boundaries and the guidelines of accepted politics, and so in that sense, you know, it's not surprising, and the particulars of it are surprising, and the to your question of policy, sure, there is a view among a lot of the republican china hands and asia specialists and others going back several administrations that u.s. policy toward china is weighted the wrong way, and taiwan while we would not go back to full diplomatic recognition of taiwan, that taiwan deserves to have greater emphasis and higher profile. some of the people with the view are advisers to trump now, and it is going to remain to be seen if they will prevail in temperatures of changing the policy once he is inaugurated. >> and noelle, part of it is the intelligence briefings, and
12:29 pm
kellyanne conway did express the allege skip inpings of the intelligence briefings, and the question here might be is president-elect trump getting the brief inings or not, and if is getting them, would this call situation been averted? >> well, i mean, who would know number one, but number two, let's look at this at face value. if pence and the trump transition team if they are saying that this is nothing but a courtesy call, then we have to take it at face value, and going forward, you know a lot of people are very, very fearful on how president-elect trump is going to govern globally, and coming out of the box with accepting this courtesy call, a lot of people are shake, and that is fine. that is why, whoever he appoints for the secretary of state is very crucial who that is, because that is going to signify
12:30 pm
the relationship between the united states and everybody abroad. that is why looking at somebody like huntsman may be brilliant. >> and so thank you both with really good information from both of you today. thank you for stopping by on this sunday, and have a great rest of the weekend. >> thanks. >> and for the first pulse question that we have been following, and it is at the bottom of the screen which is should donald trump have accepted the phone call from the president of taiwan, and here are the numbers voting. 86% disagree saying that, no, donald trump should not have accepted the phone call from taiwan's president, and 14% saying yes, and even across the party, republican, democrat or independent. and next for you, jill stein saying that she is going to go to federal court to try to force a recount vote in pennsylvania which is leading to the second pulse question, agree or
12:31 pm
disagree, the recount effort is a waste of resources. you can make the voice heard by going to before we go to break, the update on the breaking news from oakland, california. officials announcing a few moments ago, the death toll from the big warehouse fire has risen to 30 with a large portion of that building yet to be searched. we will be back with more. goin be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief.
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turning back to massive and deadly fire we have gotten breaking news within the last 10, 15 minutes, and officials are saying unfortunately 30 bodies have been recovered and that is up from a much lower number before as the crews are carefully making their way thu the wreckage. >> this is very hard work. it is very slow. it has definitely taken a toll
12:35 pm
on the first responders here sh, and we are working on the 12 on/12 off capacity. and so, we have people around the clock, and we will be here for days and days to come. >> on the phone is ma ta yas gaffney, an investigative reporter with the east bay times there locally in the bay area. when we are look at this mathias, and the numbers and what we heard earlier, only 20% of that building has been investigated or looked into, and these numbers are very, very much unfortunate. what do you know when you were there, because you were on the site very early on in the process. >> yeah, i got there early in the morning after the fire. you know, it was a shell of a building when i got there. just really tragic. you saw all of the debris, charred debris pulled out, a and this is an artist collective,
12:36 pm
and statues and pianos and burnt furniture, and a lot of it wood. you could see that there was like a sign that said "come drink" and apparently a party there. oftentimes they would throw parties with music, and deejays were spinning that night, and they were there to raise money for rent. >> how many people do you know have commonly gone to the parties held there? >> i have heard different numbers. i have heard that night it was just getting started when this fire broke out, but it was still upwards to 100 people is the general idea that i have been getting and ball park from the survivors and the friends of the missing. they said that numberle could have grown significantly and talking to people on the way to the party, and never made it before the fire broke out. >> and there is something that you know covering this area, and the sort of the push/pull things
12:37 pm
getting better in this part of oakland, but as a result of that, you have the executive where artists need to go to have the cost, and the low priced rent, and what is the dynamic behind this. >> yes, for years, oakland was a mecca for artists and low-cost living in the heart of downtown. it has changed recently and not just in oakland, but throughout california. a lot of people moved to san francisco which brought people to oakland and now you have tech companies, and uber moved into oakland, and that is bringing up property values, and bringing up the rent which is pushing, and that is especially what the people, and the artist collectives in the artist community said that it pushes the people to the fringes, and they would argue that it pushes them to live in a two-story warehouse where there is
12:38 pm
electricity, and propane tank-fueled kitchensa and a staircase that is rikty and built out of platforms. so they are driven to that. >> what is known about the owner of this building? the report earlier coming from officials on the ground about permitting and codes not met potentially. >> yeah, well, i mean, it is the warehouse that is zoned for that purpose, and not to have people living in it. there is that and no permit of partying zone. and there is all sorts of those issues being looked into. the city was already looking, and they had received a recent complaint from the neighbors about it. and blight on the outside and also the inhabitability issues on the inside and a week before they knocked on the door and nobody answered, and the city officials were turned away.
12:39 pm
we have not spoken to the owner. it is a woman who owns a number of properties, and she owns a business that looks to be a tobacco trading-type company, and a lot of question s fs for coming up. >> and matteo, how many business, like this in oakland? >> a number of them -- >> a dozen or two dozen, give me a sense of that? >> i cannot give you a firm number, but it is usually a handful of these, and you will hear about the parties that go on and every once in a while, and you will have the art shows that go on. i have written about it in the past, fires that have happened at these places as well. >> okay. so it is not uncommon necessary, but the tragedy is at the moment, and ma ta yas gaffney of the east bay times, and thank you for stopping by, and taking the time, and again, ma ta yas. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> we will have more on the breaking story at the top of the hour, so stay with msnbc, and we
12:40 pm
expect a news briefing at 2:00 pacific, and 5:00 p.m. eastern. we want to keep an eye on that. and now, returning to the pulse and the next question. dr. jill stein is double down on the the campaign to recount the votes in three battleground states where donald trump won by a narrow margin. >> and the poll just last week showed that the american people support the recount, and that they feel that if donald trump was in the reverse position, he would be doing exactly the same thing, and remember he said that it was a rigged system, and that he was not going to be accepting the result. >> and in michigan, trump's team is challenging the recount, and the judge is hearing the arguments and depending how he rules the recount could begin tuesday. and wisconsin, a recount is underway to review the 3 million votes cast in that state, and third, pennsylvania recount efforts have stalled after the state demand ad $1 million bond,
12:41 pm
and stein said it is too expensive and decided to seek a court ruling instead. many say it is an act of futility because it will not affect the outcome of the election. so do you agree or disagree that this recount is a waste of resource sms joining me is steve nuno and so i want to start with you, by challenging the results, and without evidence, jill stein is giving lawmakers an opportunity to disenfranchise minorities because they will pass more laws to prevent them from cast tharg ballots and further disenfranchise minorities, and this is not something that people would immediately put together. explain what you mean here? >> well, it is not surprising that the minities are the
12:42 pm
secondary in the people's concerns when it comes to the recount, but we should understand that the voting rights of the minorities are under constant assault in the country, and adding to the perceptions that the voting is illegitimate and creating barriers to participation which leads to discrimination against minorities, and as well as what happened with the tep queers past of bush v gore and saying that there is illegal elections going on, it has resulted in voter laws discriminating gai against minorities. >> brenda, your thoughts on this idea that it could be more restrictive in term s of ts of voter laws, and that is going to disproportionately affect minorities? >> well, i think that absolutely that is critical concern for right now. it was a concern for frankly, before the election, and long before any talk of the recount started, because we saw a wave
12:43 pm
of vote suppression laws enacted throughout the country in different states. >> right. >> and that really had a n negative impact on the ability of a lot of people to register and participate. one thing that is absolutely clear is the that millions of people in this election did not vote illegally. that is an absolutely bogus claim that president-elect trump has made, and a real problem that we have in the country is not that too many people are voting who shouldn't be, but thaw not enough eligible people are voting who should be. that's the issue that we have to continue to grapple with in the wake of the election and the nomination of somebody like judge sessions to be a attorney general of the united states, and enforcing the voting rights act is in danger, and even changes at the federal level to push disenfranchising measures
12:44 pm
that are harmful to the democracy by keeping people out. >> so far what has been raised is $7 million in favor of the recounts in the three states, and so far, people are trying to understand whether or not they can trust the system potentially here as to why they are giving money no the recount efforts. when you are looking at it, steven, that 7 milli$7 million s that say that there is a lot of people that just don't really are the trust the system to you? >> well, it is harder to defend the system when people are who are pushing the false narratives out there that there is undocumented people voting en masse, and that you know, that people are registering illegally, and books out there for the potential of voter fraud, but nup of tone of the accusations come with evidence. when you have a full assault by the folks pushing the narrative
12:45 pm
that there is a lot of illegal voting going on out there, it is difficult for the public to make an assessment, and so when the people are faced with the kwoutcome, and electoral outcome that they don't like which is obviously many folks expected donald trump the to lose, a donald trump to lose, and the false narrative is that the reason he won is because there is malfeasance at the voting booths. >> sorry that we have to leave it there, because we have breaking news to get to shortly, and we thank you very much for both being here. we have been asking on the pulse question of this particular part of the hour, agree or disagree, the recount effort is a waste of resources? this is a breakdown of how you been voting so far. this is the numbers and it is 84% disagree, and 83% disagree, and 17% agree that the recount effort is a waste of time and resources, and you are looking at the party breakdown, and it is pretty even despite being
12:46 pm
democratic, independent or republican. on that question of it being a waste of money, and resources. so you can change and you can continue to vote and the breaking news as i was alluding to from north dakota, a major announcement regarding the dakota line pipeline, and cal perry has been following this over the recent year, and up there in canonball, north dakota, and what do you have? >> this is it, the secretary of the army corps of engineers has reached tout the tribal elders here and said that there is going to be a denial of the easement for the dakota pipeline and so construction will stop. the dakota pipeline will not pass into the missouri river. this is a huge moment for the thousands of people who have
12:47 pm
been camped out here. what they will wait for now is the environmental impact survey. they will resurvey this pipeline and renegotiate the route of the pipeline, but the construction is going to stop, and cease immediately. this is a major, major moment obviously for the people here. at the top of the hour at 4:00 p.m. at your time, and 3:00 p.m. local the tribe will make an announcement no the camp here, and we expect absolute jubilation, because this is the work of so many people for so many months to get moments, and is going to stop. >> and this standoff that is developing from where you been reporting over the recent days, and up there in north dakota, and behind you, and what is being said? do they know about it right now, and what is the reaction? >> so word is starting to leak out. david archie bald is the leader here of the standing rock sioux
12:48 pm
tribe will give a huge announce announcement in 11ing minute, and there is going to be a huge crowd, and it is going to blind the camera, and come out to make the announcement, and we will hear the roar from the crowd, and hear thousands off people cheering, and many of them veterans who have arrived in the last day or two, and i have to say that this announcement comes at really a perfect time. richard, you can start to hear the drum beats picking up as the word is spreading here at the camp. this camp has been burst inging the seam, and the u.s. government and the authorities that we have been talking to are really interested in avoiding a confrontation, and avoiding the violence like we saw a few weeks ago and this is going to ensure that there is no violence. again, there is a denial of the easement on the dakota pipeline and it is no longer going to pass through the reservation, and no longer passing through the land, and no longer under the missouri river. >> cal perry with the breaking
12:49 pm
news out of north dakota in canonball, and what a piece of news for those who have gather and the thousands of veterans and those from the reservation, and it will no longer pass through the sioux reservation that you are reporting from. and cal perry, we will have more of this at the top of the hour with you, and thank you for breaking news this hour, 49 minutes after 3:00 in the east. up next, president-elect trump takes aim at businesses that move their operations out of the united states. and he tweeted about retribution, a and this is the next poll question, will the donald trump's threat of a 35% tariff incentivize businesses to stay in america? log on to participate. [ piercing sound ]
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12:53 pm
regulations, any business leaving the country will face a 35% tariff on ip ports that they try to sell back to the united states. so what do you think? will donald trump's threat of a 35% tariff incentivize businesses to stay in america? with us now to look at trump's tariff threats, i.n.n ron insan tara palmieri. ron, doable? how. >> i don't think it's repeatable on a grand scale. you can't go company by company and try to do this. there's also questions of legality of imposing that 35% tariff on the reimportation of american goods. and we're signator to the world trade organization rules as well and they might be challenged there by companies in our own country. it does represent a number of hurdles that may be difficult to repeat. >> tara, your thought? >> he's right. it would likely violate some competition rules as well. obviously, just favoring some companies. even more so, if we see president-elect trumpl and as
12:54 pm
president targeting individual companies on his twitter account or just during his speeches, you know, this could lead to just consumer backlash against these companies. he could actually orchestrate boycotts against countries that he thinks are not kowtowing to his pressure. you know, his approval ratings are pretty high right now and he does really touch to the voice of many people in this country, so even more powerful is his word. >> talking about his word as well as tweeting out specific messages, carrier, it seems to be working quite well for him right now. >> mm-hmm. >> do you see this as repeatable? >> i would say so. i mean, i think that it would actually be strategically -- you know, it would be a strategic idea for him to go through all of the companies in america that have large military contracts with the u.s. government or any sort of contracts and say, hey, we're your biggest client right now so you need to think about actually hiring workers in our country and doing work within
12:55 pm
our country. i could see him doing a lot more of that. it's an easy win for him because obviously carrier did not want to lose the government as, you know, one of its biggest clients. so he could do that. yes, he pinpointed carrier. if they said they were leaving and going to mexico, think about the backlash. a lot of people would probably boycott. it could be another freedom fries moment. >> first of all, they're sending 1,300 jobs anyway to mexico. they're keeping 800 here. the problem with trying to interfere with much with the pace and the reality of normal business activity, if you're a conservative republican, can you support this activity when it smacks of industrial policy, shacks of the heavy handle of the government interfering in individual business decisions? that's something that the gop has never stood for or stood up for in the past. they were apoplectic when president obama worked through the automobile bankruptcies in the wake of the economic crisis.
12:56 pm
>> came out and said it's croneyism. >> i would describe it differently, the heavy hand of the government interfering. >> something doable at a higher level for you're to modify the approach they did with carrier? >> i don't know. again, it's still the government picking winners and losers in specific industries or specific products or categories. >> we have to leave it there. ron insana, tara palmieri, thanks for coming in on a sunday. we've been asking this question on "pulse of america." will donald trump's threat of the 35% tariff incentivize businesses to stay in america? here's a look at how you have been voting so far. 87% of you say no, it will not. it will not in this case incentivize businesses to stay in america. 12% of you say yes. the numbers are changing because you continue to vote and we're glad you're doing that. pulse of america. continue to vote on that. we've been following this,
12:57 pm
talking about breaking news out of north dakota this hour. the army corps of engineers has denied an easement for the dakota axis pipeline to be built near the standing rock sioux reservation. basically saying, no, you can't do it. the pipeline will have to be rerouted in what appears to be a major victory for protesters who have gathered there from all over the country. we'll go there live for you. also, breaking news from oakland that we're following where the death toll there in california from the big warehouse fire has now risen in the last 40 minutes to 30 and will likely go higher. we also have that for you. this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing)
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let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. a very good sunday afternoon to you. richard lui in new york city. want to start this hour with a lot of breaking news. first off coming out of north dakota where there appears to be an parent victory for those who have been


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